November 2-4: PBS KIDS Movie Night

It’s a great big adventure when Hal uncovers a treasure map on this weekend’s NATURE CAT movie, The Return of Bad Dog Bart (the first movie in our mega-movie marathon). You can go on your own adventure with Nature Cat’s free Great Outdoors App.

In WILD KRATTS: Creatures of the Deep Sea (the second movie in our super movie marathon) the Kratts dive into some serious ocean adventures. You can dive and help save a reef when you play Frogfish Feast at

In ODD SQUAD: The World Turned Odd (the third movie in our all night movie marathon) Agents Otis and Olympia go back in time and accidentally undo every ODD SQUAD case ever solved (how odd!). You can experience an odd little blast from the past when you make your own DIY silly putty with this recipe from PBS KIDS for Parents.

What does every movie marathon need? Popcorn! PBS Food has you covered with this recipe for Salted Caramel Popcorn (they say it’s quick and easy).

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