June 15 - 19 Learn At Home Weekly Resources

This week on WOUB you can travel the world with Let’s Go Luna. Then, explore Animal Minds on WOUB Classic and learn about earth from satellites in space with Life from Above on WOUB World. WOUB CHANNEL HIGHLIGHTS AND LEARNING ACTIVITIES

Let’s Go Luna (9:30 & 2:30)

WOUB HD (20.1/44.1) Grades PreK – 3 This week Andy Carmen and Leo travel to Barcelona, Juneau and Rio with Luna, the moon. Together they explore the food, music, art architecture and other features that make each place distinctive. Inside Animal Minds 11:00 a.m. (Monday through Wednesday)

WOUB Classic (20.2/44.2) Grades 4-8 What would it be like to go inside the mind of an animal? Now, the revolutionary science of animal cognition is revealing hard evidence about how animals understand the world around them, uncovering their remarkable problem-solving abilities and exploring the complexity of their powers of communication and even their emotions. In this mini-series, NOVA explores these breakthroughs through three iconic creatures: dogs, birds and dolphins. Life from Above 12:00 pm (Monday through Thursday) WORLD Channel (20.3/44.3) Grades 9-12 Behold Earth as it’s never been seen before. Cameras in space tell stories of life on our planet from a brand-new perspective, revealing its incredible movements, colors, patterns and just how fast it’s changing. Apps and Games to Explore This Week: PBS KidsLet’s Go Luna Play Chef Leo’s Crazy Kitchen, a cooking game for kids. With Andy’s Art Studio, little artists can paint masks, explore quilts, and experience nesting dolls from around the world. Take flight with Fabuloso’s Fantastic Flight while flying all over the world. Experience interactive music-making instruments from around the world on Carmen’s World Orchestra game.

Books about Travel: Books That Celebrate Our National Parks National Parks are one way to preserve and protect the country’s wonders, both natural and man-made. Read about how the Everglades were formed, meet a young woman who survived the Alamo, and visit with a mail carrier who takes mail and more to his village in the Grand Canyon. These and other treasures await you in the pages of these books. Infants and Toddlers: Move Like Animals This short video features children acting out a poem about how different animals move. Clips of animals in their natural habitat are also shown throughout the video. From waddling penguins and hopping kangaroos to lazy turtles and sleepy rhinos, children will enjoy learning about these animals while imitating their movements. Preschool:Get Up & Go Play!: Playing with Pets | Young Explorers Playing outside makes kids happy and healthy! In this segment kids learn about how to take care of pets as they enjoy playing outside. This segment shows different types of animals as kids explain what it takes to take care of their pets. Grades K-2: Greetings from Around the World: Language Cards Learn how to greet a friend in eight different languages with your favorite characters from Let's Go Luna! Grades 3-5: Training the Trainer In this Cyberchase video clip, Harry learns from a professional animal trainer that in order to teach an animal a routine, you must break it down into parts. Students will learn that in order to approach any difficult problem, it is important to divide it down into smaller, easier segments. Harry helps the trainer teach the sea lion to swim through a pool, jump up on a fence and bark. They then showcase the sea lion's routine at a public show. Grades 6-8: Does My Dog Know What I'm Thinking? | It's Okay to Be Smart

Do you ever talk to your dog? Do they ever talk back? Humans and dogs have a truly amazing relationship, developed along an evolutionary journey that goes back nearly 10,000 years. Do they really understand what we say, think, and feel? Recent research suggests dogs know more about our language and emotions than you might think. Grades 9-12: What Does the Earth Sound Like? Twin satellites probing the Earth's radiation belts return the clearest recordings yet of a "chorus" of radio waves. This article from NOVA focuses on the Vann Allen belts, electromagnetic waves, and what the storm probes could mean in terms of predicting space weather. PARENTS: 139 FREE Travel Shows That You Can Watch Right Now Traveling the world may not be the best idea these days, but we understand if you’re gazing wistfully at pictures from your last vacation, wanderlust hovering over you like a rain cloud. Traveling the world is still possible — through the lens of our shows and programs. New Mexico PBS collected 139 travel programs available to stream online right now for free without a membership. Find them in the free PBS video app for your Roku, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Fire TV, phone or tablet. Click the links, sit back and journey from Costa Rica to Italy in the comfort of your own home! TEACHERS: Virtual Professional Learning Series: Our Current Planet In the first episode of our three-part virtual professional learning series, Our Planet, we will explore spectacular satellite imagery from the PBS documentary, Life From Above. The stunning footage reveals never before seen details about our planet, and challenges us to assess the current state of our Planet. Kahoot! EDU Summit

This virtual event for teachers and school admins will let you explore new products, get inspired, and learn new skills to kick-start back to school 2020. It will feature sessions from the Kahoot! team, Kahoot!’s partners, change-makers in education, and inspiring educators. SPECIAL EVENTS: June 19: Juneteeth All about the Holidays

Learn about Juneteenth, a holiday that commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery. June 20: Summer Solstice Daylight Hours and the Sun’s Apparent Path Explore the duration of daylight and the Sun’s apparent path in the sky in a northern hemisphere location during the solstices with this adapted WorldWide Telescope video.

PBS Kids Family Night Movie: Family Activities Celebrate Father's Day weekend with a very special family night, dedicated to the dads of PBS kids starting at 7:00 p.m. on WOUB 24/7 Kids Channel 20.6 /44.6 or on the PBS KIDS Video App.

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum Scavenger Hunt

Join us for a virtual four part scavenger hunt adventure based on the PBS Kids series Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum.Weekly drawings and prizes

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