Ohio Ready to Learn Workshop Series 2020-2021

This free interactive workshop series is designed for family child care professionals and other early childhood education professionals. Each workshop in the series is approved for Step Up to Quality credit and is funded by a grant from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to the Ohio Educational Television Stations (PBS Stations).

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AT # 129667 Effective Learning-1
Effective learning is critical to the development of young children. Participants who attend this training will be able to describe effective learning through play and will explore a variety of strategies that will support children’s learning experiences.

AT # 129631 Red/Green Choices Behavior Management-2
Early childhood professionals who attend this training will be introduced to identifying strategies to use with young children to address behavior and will have the opportunity to practice a variety of engaging instructional strategies that support management of preschool children.

AT # 129671 Calming Down and Kindness in the Classroom-3
Successful coping skills and conflict resolution in early childhood contribute to a child’s long term quality of life. Participants who attend this workshop will explore and identify a variety of strategies that will foster critical skills in young children.

AT # 129645  Grow Happy Kids-4
For some children, learning about healthy eating and exercise can be very challenging. In this workshop participants will explore like scientists and explain several strategies for making healthy lifestyles with young children easier and more successful.


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Ohio Ready to Learn is a series of early childhood workshops that are funded through the Department of Job and Family Services.  Workshops are provided for home daycare providers and private childcare providers. All of the workshops are "Ohio Approved" by The Ohio Child Care Resource and Referral Association.  These are all part of the "Step Up to Quality Initiative" in Ohio. These workshops are  searchable in The Ohio Child Care Referral Agency - OCCRRA.    

For more information contact:         Deborah Brewer         740-597-7922         woublearninglab@woub.org