ORTL 2021 Workshop Descriptions

Effective Learning
Effective learning is critical to the development of young children. Participants who attend this training will be able to describe effective learning through play and will explore a variety of strategies that will support children’s learning experiences.

Calming Down and Kindness
Successful coping skills and conflict resolution in early childhood contribute to a child’s long term quality of life. Participants who attend this workshop will explore and identify a variety of strategies that will foster critical skills in young children.

Grow Happy Kids
For some children, learning about healthy eating and exercise can be very challenging. In this workshop participants will explore like scientists and explain several strategies for making healthy lifestyles with young children easier and more successful.

Red Green Choices Behavior Management
Early childhood professionals who attend this training will be introduced to identifying strategies to use with young children to address behavior and will have the opportunity to practice a variety of engaging instructional strategies that support the management of preschool children.