Ohio Ready to Learn Workshop Series 2021-2022
This free interactive workshop series is designed for family child care professionals and other early childhood education professionals. Each workshop in the series is approved for Step Up to Quality credit and is funded by a grant from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to the Ohio Educational Television Stations (PBS Stations).

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Families Come Together AT-133157
Workshop Description: All families are different! They come in different shapes and sizes. Every child comes in bringing different family values and experiences. One of the most important things that caregivers can do is to help children feel good about the uniqueness of their family. Participants will explore ways to connect the child’s learning to their family.

Discovery Science AT-133145
Workshop Description: Participants will learn strategies to help children develop critical thinking skills by applying scientific inquiry methods to playful experiences. Caregivers will learn to model and welcome curiosity and questioning to guide learning. Through discovery science children will use creative and flexible thinking to solve problems.

Effective Communication with Children, Families and Staff AT-133154
Workshop Description: Building personal relationships with children is an essential part of teaching. Participants will learn ways to engage in one-to-one, face-to-face, reciprocal interactions to form safe, nurturing relationships with children. Caregivers will gain quality strategies to encourage peer-to-peer interactions that build communication skills among children, families, and staff. 

Social Emotional Learning in Young Children (During and After Pandemic) AT-133160
Workshop Description: With the recent impact of the pandemic on the social emotional well being of children, participants will learn how to talk to children about the coronavirus so they are not worried and feel safe. Participants will add quality lessons to their teacher and caregiver toolbox on how to teach children to have healthy, safe habits. In addition caregivers will gain an understanding of practice and play learning experiences that help children with self awareness of emotions and self management.

Attendees of sessions facilitated by WOUB will receive books, activities, and handouts as our thank you for participating! 

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Ohio Ready to Learn is a series of early childhood workshops that are funded through the Department of Job and Family Services.  Workshops are provided for home daycare providers and private childcare providers. All of the workshops are "Ohio Approved" by The Ohio Child Care Resource and Referral Association.  These are all part of the "Step Up to Quality Initiative" in Ohio. These workshops are  searchable in The Ohio Child Care Referral Agency - OCCRRA.    

For more information contact:         Deborah Brewer         740-597-7922         woublearninglab@woub.org