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What is WOUB Learning Lab?

WOUB Learning Lab provides educational outreach for WOUB Public Media.  These services were formerly known as ETSEO – Educational Technology for South East Ohio and led by Fred Harner who served this region for more than 40 years.  In 2017 ETSEO became a part of WOUB Public Media. Ohio has eight of these Ed Tech agencies connected to local PBS stations.   This allows WOUB Learning Lab to continue to provide educational resources to schools in the area according to its agreement with ODE and also to provide Educational Outreach to parents and learners of all ages.  

Deborah Brewer

Educational Services Manager
(740) 597-7922



Who are we?

Deborah Brewer is the director of WOUB Public Media’s Ed Tech, The Learning Lab.  In Aug 2018, Jaclyn Casey replaced Suzanne Borchard as the Early Childhood Specialist.  Jaclyn will continue the Ohio Ready to Learn Workshops supporting home and family childcare providers.  These changes in our program will expand the educational outreach of WOUB Public Media by providing support for teachers, learners and families in our region. We look forward to meeting and working with all of you.

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